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lundi 15 décembre 2014
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At a rate of 2 to 4 conference per year, APRED has given dozens of lectures.
The most common or most recent themes are :

  • The theory and practice, the definition of peace.
    * Peace as a universal and practical value.
    * Peace studies and the labor market in the area of peace.
    * The tools of peace.
    * The countries without an army.
    * The human right to peace.
    * The links between peace, democracy and human rights.
    * The role of political institutions in the prevention of violence.
    * The place of peace in Constitutions.
    * Zones of peace
    Other topics :
  • Historical aspects of peace in Switzerland.
    * Military and private security companies.
    * Art and peace.
    Or :
  • Participation in political campaigns
    * Public debates
    * Moot trials.
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