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mercredi 11 juin 2014
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Forthcoming / {A venir} :

« Peace through constitutions », during the Geneva Peace week, 20th of November, 2 pm, room XXIII. If you need a badge to access the UN, please contact APRED. Details.

Past / {Passée}

10-15 août 2015. IPRA, (International Peace Reseearch Association, association international de la recherche pour la paix), 50e anniversaire. présentation, conférence sur le thème :
« Institutionnaliser la paix. Les politiques d’Etat en faveur des valeurs universelles ou la non-violence de l’Etat. Regards porté sur l’avenir au travers de bonnes pratiques : le droit humain à la paix, la place d ela paix dans les constitutions et les pays sans armée ».

10th-15th of August. IPRA,(International Peace Reseearch Association, 50th anniversary. Conference on the theme :
« Institutionalizing peace, State politics towards universal values. Non-violence of States ? The way ahead through some best practices : The human right to peace, peace in constitutions, existing countries without armies ».

Extract :
We have political institutions at all levels of societies from the local community to the global village. Among them, can we help States progress towards being peace prone and value oriented ? This paper will explore success stories and look at political avenues making peace a principle of State activity.
The history of human rights is an example. By protecting and empowering individuals through fundamental rights, the State has become – ideally speaking and in democratic countries – non-violent towards its own population. Something similar needs to be done at the international level to progress with the right of the people not to be brought into war. Would a human right to peace change this ?
The constitutional process ongoing in many countries offers opportunities for peace. Through existing examples, we will show that peace can be introduced in the text of constitutions, as an essential value but also as an efficient sociopolitical tool.
The United Nation’s Charter bans war altogether (art. 2, § 3 & 4), with the small exception and under strict control from the Security Council (ideally again), of the right of self-defense (art. 51). Meanwhile, many countries still maintain huge armies while others have none, being army-less and still doing very well.
Nations States are at the core of our international system. This will not change in the near future. States are also the ones waging war or selling the weapons of war. Nevertheless, we will show that, if they chose to, States can be very efficient actors of peace.

Paper and power point presentation

19 - 23 May 2014 : « The Bio-Social Bases for Nonkilling and Nonviolent Behavior ». High level workshop meant to issue a policy paper. On subscription. Details.

19 - 23 Mai 2014 (en anglais) : « Les bases bio-sociales des comportements non-tuants et non-violents ». Atelier universitaire destiné à produire un rapport et des recommandations. Sur inscription. Details.

1 May 2014 : For the Green Party of Vaud : « How Can Peace and Democracy Shift the Balance towards Sustainable Ecology ? » On invitation.

5 Avril 2014. Les fusillés pour l’exemple, 14-18. Procès des généraux. Limoges.

26-27 September 2013. Åland Islands Peace Institute and Civic Constellation workshop : « Ideas and Realities of Democracy ». Conference given and paper written on *The links between Peace, Democracy and Human Rights". Publication due for 2015.

20 September 2013. GAMIP (Global Alliance of Ministries and Infrastructures for Peace) summit, Geneva, presentation of APRED’s work.
To be completed...


4 décembre 2015 - APRED becomes a member of the social and solidarity economy / L’APRED adhère à la chambre de l’économie sociale et solidaire

Dans un souci d’économie responsable, pour mieux nous intégrer sur Genève, pour avoir accès un (...)

8 janvier 2015 - APRED on conflict prevention / APRED sur la prévention des conflits

APRED published an article in the Swisspeace newsletter, p. 7. L’APRED a publié un article dans (...)

9 juillet 2014 - Prince of Liechtenstein speaks against having an army / Le Prince du Liechtenstein parle contre le fait d’avoir une armeé

S.A.S. Prince Hans-Adam II de Liechtenstein : « L’Etat doit garantir la sécurité des citoyens, mais (...)

6 juillet 2014 - Kiribati Buys Land in Fiji / Kiribati achète du terrain aux Fidji

Kiribati recently finalized the purchase of a piece of land on Fiji’s Vanua Levu island for (...)

22 mai 2014 - Institute for Economics and Peace, 2014 Global Peace Index / Institut pour l’économie et la paix, l’Index de la Paix Globale 2014

The Institute for Economics and Peace recently announced the release of the 2014 Global Peace (...)

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