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mercredi 24 avril 2013
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You are the creators of your own peace.
As difficult as this process of creating peace may seem, APRED is happy to assist you.

  • First, peace is a value, a symbol, a feeling, a freedom, a harmony in yourself or shared, to which one adheres, more or less, and that we live and build, however.
  • Peace is inherent to human nature. To live and thrive, a little bit of peace - at the least - is necessary.
  • Beyond, peace is then a choice, a consciousness. An instinct for peace is a good thing, we all have some of it. But well understood instincts of peace, supplied with sound knowledge of peace mecnaisms is a lot better !
  • Peace is also a set of efficient knowledge and methods, contributing to our well-bieng and to the quality of our social and political relations.
  • Peace is a necessity, a survival tool and a way to ensure the future of humanity, but it is also a pleasure.
  • Finally, in our humble opinion, peace is a human right.

So, are you part of the solution or part of the problem ?
In other words, shall we take this path together ?
Tell us where you want to go and if the path leads peace, we will gladly come.

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