APRED teaches peace at the Institute for Peace and Dialogue

mardi 28 février 2017
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APRED gave two days of continuous training at the Institute for Peace and Dialogue on the 18th and 19th of Februry 2017.

Here are some of the essential documents :.

JPEG - 534.9 ko

Peace zone in one sheet :

PDF - 87.5 ko

Hand signs for large crowd discussions : JPEG - 418.1 ko
Peace poll :

PDF - 126.6 ko

World Health Organisation, From MDG to SDG, chapter 8 on violence and injuries, available here :

The Sustainable development goals : website. declaration :

PDF - 435.9 ko

On youth and peace, the resolution :

PDF - 287.7 ko

One among many conflict graphic (from John Paul Laderach, Preparing for Peace : Conflict Transformation Across Cultures, 1995, p. 12) : JPEG - 126.9 ko

Infrastructures for peace, website. A study among others

More readings :
Steven Pinker : « The better angels of our nature. A history of violence and humanity », Pinguin books 2011.
Eisenhower’s fairwell discourse, here.
The UNESCO Seville statement on violence, here

Erica Chenoweth : Civil resistance works
TEDx Conference
Her website

World Health Organization : Global status report on violence prevention 2014

(Johan Galtung) Peace by peauceful. The Transcend approach. UNDP. Link The 12 religious methods to solve conflict p. 20 (of the pdf).

Gene Sharp. 198 methods of non-violent action. From dictacture to democracy.

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